Covid-19 information

Espy Specs Protocols to Protect Patients in the Covid-19 Era

We take patient and staff safety seriously at Espy Specs.  We are making the following adjustments to limit the risk of exposure to Covid-19 in the clinic.  Unfortunately, given the nature of the disease, there is still some risk of exposure in this setting.  We will happily accommodate rescheduling appointments if you feel that you should postpone your visit.

  1. Patients are asked to reschedule appointments if during the last 10 days there have been any symptoms of Covid 19 (fever, chills, cough, difficulty breathing) 
  2. Patients are asked to respond to emails/phone calls to collect necessary information and signatures prior to the appointment to reduce time spent in office.
  3. Staff members will be sent home if they exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms.
  4. We have a fully vaccinated staff.  We will accommodate any patient who requests staff to wear a mask during their visit to Espy Specs.
  5. All frames will be disinfected after they are handled.  Please leave them in the supplied bins.
  6. Associates will clean and disinfect all equipment and surfaces after each exam.
  7. Public spaces will be regularly cleaned and disinfected.